Monday, July 10, 2006

In memory of Sandy Kat

This is my friend of 15+ years, Sandy Kat. He passed March 27, 2006.

He came to me via my dearly departed mother who instilled in me my love of cats. Throughout my childhood, I can always remember we had a cat. Sandy was named for my mother's "default" cat name. When I was 4 or 5 we got a cat from "the pound" who I named "Sandy Mary."

My mother, while having 2 cats of her own, would put food out for the strays and neighborhood cats. Sandy Kat belong to some less than desirable people down the street and would come to my mother's house to eat.

One day he showed up with a wound on his neck. My mother took him to her vet. He instructed her to keep him inside until the wound healed. Her two other males cats did not take kindly to this stranger in their house. She asked me if I would take him.

The first couple of weeks I had him we never saw him (I was in college with a couple of roommates and 2 other cats). He hid under the bed, coming out for food and the litter box when no one was around. Slowly he warmed up to me and Cleo. It always took him a while to take to "strangers."

He did become "man of the house" and a wonderful companion to Cleo an I. He was known for his very fluffy orange coat, his head butts, head chomps and his earth-shaking purr. He lived a very pamper life and never weighed less than 12 pounds. He enjoyed being combed and belly rubs.

This last photo was taken September 6, 2005 when we were exiled because of Katrina. Here Sandy acts cute on our friend's, Kristen, couch. He was so good the whole time we were away-he was moved 4 different times. He health declined some time in January and he never fully recovered. He passed away on March 27, 2006. He was also known as "Mr. Poof" "Sandy Pants" "Orange Boy" and "Pantaloon Boy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Sandy cat!! The pictures you posted are fantastic. I cant help but be thankful that yours and your mom's love of cats rubbed off on me! Thanks for sharing-
Much love,

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Sharah said...


Very nice story. You know my Zoe in PS is named for my baby girl Zoe who died of feline breasts cancer. I can never forget her ever!! Your story of Sandypants was loving and heartfelt. I know how you feel. Zoe died on Dec 30 2007 after Katrina. She was never the same afterwards either. She died in my arms, just as I wanted her too. I miss her daily :)

11:43 AM  

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